photo by Colleen O'Brien 

photo by Colleen O'Brien 

Waxologist, Facialist & Reiki II practitioner.
Womenfolk Beauty believes in a conscious approach to beauty. "Beauty in, Beauty out"
Womenfolk aims to nurture the authentic beauty each individual embodies by providing services that nourish inner and outer beauty by using non-toxic, science driven, organic products and soul enriching energy work techniques.
LOCATION // 250 Steele Street :: Suite 212

We are located inside Needle in the Hay.
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Womenfolk uses a 100% compostable hard wax and soft wax. Hard wax is used on face and bikini services while soft wax is used on larger areas - like arms and legs. This is to provide the highest level of speed and comfort during your waxing service. All offerings are listed below.

Waxing packages are available for purchase on the 'Beauty Packages' page.

women's FACE

Brows // 25

Lip, Sideburn, Chin, Cheek, Neck, Forehead, Nose // 15

Full Face // 50

women's BODY

Underarms // 16

Full Arms // 35 

Half Arms // 29

Stomach // 18

Stomach Strip // 12

Brazilian // 50
(as much or as little
hair removed
& includes butt strip)

Extended Bikini  // 40
(more than Basic Bikini to
fully bare down there)

Basic Bikini  // 30

Full Cheeks // 25

Butt Strip // 15

Inner thigh add on // 12

Full Legs // 60

Half Legs // 35

Feet/Toes // 10

men's FACE

Neck/Sideburns // 12

Brows // 20

Full Face // 47

men's BODY

Full Arms // 36

Half Arms // 30

Back // 56

Shoulders // 20

Half Back // 22

Chest // 26

Chest Strip // 17

Stomach // 26

Stomach Strip // 13

Full Legs // 66

Half Legs // 35

Underarms // 18

Hands // 12

Feet/Toes // 12



Reiki Session

Energy work is administered by 'laying on hands' in this Japanese technique, used to reduce stress & to promote relaxation and healing.

Essential oil and crystal work may be incorporated.

30 minute session // 45

60 minute session // 70


Further customize your facial with

Grounding Facial // 135

The luxurious facial for cleansing, calming and smoothing the skin. Maintain a healthy complexion with skin exfoliation, deep cleansing, and heavenly massage using products that are carefully selected for your skin type. - 60 minutes

Spirited Facial // 70

Clients with limited time will appreciate this abbreviated facial, including deep cleansing and a mask or peel appropriate for your skin type.
 - 45 minutes

Dermaplane Facial // 75

This non invasive exfoliating treatment gives the skin a more refined texture improving the look of scars, fine lines and gives the skin a long lasting glow. A great alternative to chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

Dermaplane Add-on
// 30

Can be added on to any skincare service.

"Lunch Time" Peel // 65
*series of 6 // 325

Exfoliate your skin with a mild acid, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, providing greater strength and protection for your skin. After one treatment, you'll notice skin that is smooth in appearance and texture. - 30 minutes

Womenfolk Reiki Facial // 65

Promote healing and rejuvenation with this facial that focuses on the healing power of touch. Relax deeply during this massage heavy facial. Please note this facial does not include extractions - 30 minutes

Add-ons // 20 each

(can be added on to any service)

Resurfacing Peel - face/hand/chest

Lip Exfoliating Treatment

Neck/Shoulder/Scalp Massage

Reiki Body Refresh

Reiki Rejuvenating Facial Massage

Wedding Offerings

Womenfolk Beauty would love to be a part of honoring your commitment to you partner. We offer wedding makeup and blessing ceremonies.

For information and pricing Please contact: 

Lash & Brow Services

These services provide an easy low maintenance way to enhance the shape of your brows and the length of your lashes. 
Unfortunately, a natural-formula for lash and brow tinting & lifting does not exist. In order to deposit color, chemicals are used in the process. 

Brow Wax // 25

Brow Makeover // 35

Brow Tint // 20

Lash Tint // 25

Lash + Brow Tint // 42

Lash Lift // 70

Lash Lift + Tint // 90


Sugaring is a safe, eco-friendly alternative to waxing. Using a ball of paste consisting of sugar, lemon and water. The paste is applied by hand and molded into the hair follicle. With a quick flick of the wrist, the sugar and hair is removed in the direction of growth making it less painful and irritating than waxing.


Full Brazilian // 60

Maintenance Brazilian // 50
(Within 6 weeks of your last Brazilian)

Basic Bikini // 35

Extended Bikini //45

Full Cheeks // 35

Butt Strip // 25

Facial Sugaring

Brows // 30

Lip, Sideburn, Chin, Cheek, Neck, Forehead, Nose // 20

Full Face // 55

Body Sugaring

Underarm // 22

Full Arm // 42

Half Leg // 45

Maintenance Full Leg // 70
(Within 6 weeks of your last appointment)

Full Leg // 80


photos by : Susan Anderson

photos by : Susan Anderson



* Available for popular Waxing services

*Packages can be customized by service when bought on location

To purchase a package, visit the Beauty Packages page

Referrals & Pre-Booking

I am grateful for your referrals. A million times thank you!

Pre-booking helps keep you on track for your next service. 
Skincare and hair removal services produce the best and long lasting results when performed monthly.

For skincare, aim to book every 4-6 weeks
For hair removal, aim to book every 4 weeks