Bonnie Lewallen BSN, RN, HTSM-CP, CCA, Reiki Master/Teacher,
Certified Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry Practitioner,
Complementary Therapies Practitioner, Consultant and Educator

With a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, Bonnie has been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years. She holds advanced certifications in Reiki, Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry, Clinical Aromatherapy and is currently completing a Certification in Spiritual Counseling.

Bonnie serves Womenfolk Beauty Wellness Studio in three ways:

1. Bringing her vast teaching experience, Bonnie offers classes for the community on a variety of vibrational healing modalities.

2. She creates and facilitates monthly practice/experience groups for those attending the above mentioned courses as well as opening these practice groups to the community when appropriate.

3. Bonnie offers individual healing sessions customized to the unique needs and wishes of the client by choosing from her palette of therapeutic tools.

More about Bonnie:

As a registered nurse for over forty years, Bonnie has practiced in many specialties of allopathic medicine and continues to do so in a surgery center. She knows that although allopathic medicine is wonderful in acute and emergency situations, it has its limits when caring for chronic physical and emotional issues. She strongly believes in an integrative approach to the healing process. The Shaman she studied with for 2 years taught that the most efficient and complete way to facilitate transformation and healing is to address an issue on all levels: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Bonnie has learned the truth of this and incorporates this philosophy into her care for others.

Over thirty years ago, through a difficult and life changing incident in her own life, she began perceiving the subtle energy/spirit body surrounding all living things. It is this experience that lead her down the path of her own Healer’s Journey - which has brought her many powerful experiences of healing/transformation for herself and others. She has witnessed firsthand the almost miraculous healing results attained when an issue is dealt with holistically. She has found that the vibrational modalities that she has studied are exceptionally effective in assisting with transformation for healing.

Beyond Reiki, healing touch and aromatherapy, her healing journey has taken her into advanced studies and practice of other ‘vibrational healing modalities’ such as shamanic journey, music, prayer, meditation, visualization, flower essences, gems/stones and colored light. Her experience also offered her the opportunity to teach about these modalities locally, nationally and internationally in medical, university, community and church settings.

Bonnie’s natural, calm, nurturing and experienced presence makes her an inspiring, encouraging and empowering facilitator of transformation and a supportive conduit, teacher and guide on the healing journey.

She especially enjoys assisting people who are already consciously on their own Healer’s Journey; People who along the way become aware that a pattern in their being (which might have served them at one time) is now no longer serving them to support their movement forward in their call to a clearer and more powerful expression of themselves.