Energy Healing



Rhea | Sara Jean

Reiki is a form of energetic healing that balances the energy centers in the body. It is effective in improving physical, mental, and emotional health. Reiki is gentle, safe, and works in harmony with medical and therapeutic techniques. Energy work is administered by 'laying on hands' in this Japanese technique, used to reduce stress & to promote relaxation and healing.  

Essential oil and crystal work may be incorporated in your Reiki session.

60 minute Womenfolk Reiki session // 100
For our first time Reiki clients!
Each Reiki session includes consultation time both before and after your healing. 

Womenfolk Reiki session Bundle // 450
Only available after 1st Reiki healing session. This bundle includes 5 one hour sessions. 
Each Reiki session includes consultation time both before and after your healing.


Facial Reflexology


Dien Chan multireflex and Chan'beaute techinques are great for minor pain, skin concerns, women's reproductive issues, chronic inflammation, stress and mood disorders. At the end of each treatment you will get a treatment plan to continue the healing work at home.

// $60 - 45 Minutes
// $100 - 75 Minutes
// $120 - 90 Minutes


Mind Body Release ™


MBR™or Mind Body Release™ is designed to remove cellular imprints from negative experiences and trauma. MBR™ is a way to help identify those negative cellular imprints buried in the subconscious and release them so that you are free to re-create your own story, to reach the goals you desire, to be more of the person you want to be.

Initial // 135
- 90 minutes

Follow-up //90
- 60 min

Follow-up //67.50
- 45 min

Follow-up // 45
- 30 min