Holistic Facials

At Womenfolk Beauty we specialize in thoughtful product curation and optimal energy balancing for each unique being we see in our treatment rooms. We provide boutique bespoke holistic facials in an open and ethereal setting. We use only plant based, ethically sourced products, energy healing modalities, and seasonal inspired self-care rituals to bring you into alignment with your authentic beauty.

Womenfolk Boutique Facial
// 110
- 60 minutes

Revel in this completely customized plant-based facial - sure to get you glowing with double cleansing, skin exfoliation & hydration, and grounding massage.
+ botanical face masks
+ facial reflexology facelift
+ detox facial massage
+ serum, moisturizer, lip balm, and sun protection


(Please choose up to 3 enhancements)
(Enhancements may add additional time to appointments)

Dermaplaning // 65
One of the most popular ways to exfoliate and brighten! This special enhancement will leave you youthful and radiant.
Resurfacing Peel // 35
Gemstone + Gua Sha Facial Massage // 35
Reiki // 35
Facial Cupping // 35

Womenfolk Holistic Facials

Reiki Facial // 120
Promote healing and rejuvenation with this facial that focuses on the healing power of touch. This treatment includes the staples of our Womenfolk Boutique Facial with 30 divine minutes of Reiki healing. - 60 minutes

Crystal Healing Facial // 130
In this sublime treatment, harmonious crystals are placed along the energy centers (chakras) of the body for a full aura restoration. A rose quartz Gua Sha tool is used to drain the lymph resulting in detoxed, toned and soothed skin. - 60 minutes

Chan’Beauté Facial // 135
In this facial reflexology facial notice diminished appearance of fine lines, even toned, glowing skin, and smaller pores. Fast becoming the most requested facial at Womenfolk Beauty - this treatment uses zones of the face to target systems and organs of the body. This new approach allows us to regulate and balance the body, with visible results. Even deeper work can be done to correct hormone imbalance, organ or body system dysfunction, scarring and hyperpigmentation. We recommend booking facial reflexology as an add-on if in-depth work is desired.
- 60 minutes

Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan multireflex and Chan'beaute techinques are great as a stand alone service for minor pain, skin concerns, women's reproductive issues, chronic inflammation, stress and mood disorders

// $60 - 45 Minutes
// $100 - 75 Minutes
// $120 - 90 Minutes

Holistic Skincare Consultation // 30

During a Holistic Skincare Consultation with one of our holistic estheticians, we will asses your skin and investigate into underlining causes of present skin concerns. Then we will spend some time discussing holistic treatment options to bring your skin in to balance. - 15 minutes