Laura is an Intuitive Counselor, Psycho-spiritual Tarot reader and Energy Medicine practitioner specializing in trauma relief, personal growth and increasing personal magnetism.

Laura has worked as a professional Intuitive for the past 17 years assisting her clients in building their most vibrant, delicious life by facilitating emotional freedom, clarity and deep connection to the mind, body and spirit.

Laura is educated and/or trained in Metaphysical Psychology, Energy Medicine, Intuitive Counseling, Sound Healing, Crystal Therapy, Soul Retrieval, Past Life Integration and Healing, Inherited Trauma Therapy, EFT, NLP, Shamanism, Spirit Communication, Shadow Work, Manifesting/Law of Attraction and Cognitive Behavioral Coaching.

Laura believes that a holistic approach which attends to all facets of your being is the medicine of the future and is the precise avenue through which you will curate your most abundant and joyful life. You can learn more about Laura, her offerings as well as book your bespoke session through her site, Intuitive Alchemy.