Happy Spring! Celebrating the Spring Equinox 2018

Happy Spring! Today as we have equal hours of day and night we are reminded about the importance of finding balance in our own lives. The start of the Astral Year and the new season also brings a distinct shift as we emerge into action oriented Aries energy. It’s time to place your attention on what you want to create!

Take advantage of this natural life force that arises with the Spring Equinox and the start of the new Astrological Year. This is a chance to manifest your soul’s desires! Set your intentions just like seeds that if planted in fertile soil and taken care of, will grow over the next season, to bloom at the time of the Summer Solstice in June. 

Here are our favorite ways to celebrate the Spring Equinox🌱✨🌷🌞

  • Go earthing! Walk or stand outside barefoot on a patch of grass and allow your body to absorb the healing energy of the earth.
  • Cook a spring meal. Incorporate fresh vegetables like asparagus, zucchini, baby spinach, etc. into a celebratory feast.
  • Meditate. This is a great time to do a guided meditation. We like this one!
  • Plant something! Get your summer garden started by planting indoors in preparation.
  • Set intentions. The first day of Spring is an excellent time to commit your intentions to paper or out loud into the warm air. It's time to get creating!

We hope you enjoy this beautiful day! We can't wait to see what the Spring season holds for all of you.