What to Expect in a Reiki Healing Session at Womenfolk Beauty

Reiki is a hands-on form of energetic healing that balances the energy centers in the body. It is effective in improving physical, mental, and emotional health. Reiki is gentle, safe, and works in harmony with medical and therapeutic techniques. The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words — Rei which means God's Wisdom or Higher Power and Ki which means life force energy. Put them together and you have Spirit-Guided Life Force Energy. Reiki clears the energy pathways {also known as chakras} in the body and infuses the systems and organs with healing vibration.

When you arrive for your Reiki session, your Reiki practitioner will take you into our soothing Energy Healing room. We like to sit and talk with you for about 5 minutes before your Reiki healing to assess what's going on in your life or answer any questions you may have. You are then guided to lie down on your back on our comfortable massage style table. We have blankets to keep you cozy! If healing crystals are being incorporated into your session, your Reiki healer will place them on your body in the correlating spots. Then the magic begins. You close your eyes and sink into deep relaxation as your Reiki practitioner scans your body with their hands, directing healing energy throughout your body. 

Each Reiki healing experience is different. You may experience tingling, see flashes of light or images behind your closed eyes, or even fall into a meditative state. When your healing is complete, your Reiki practitioner will gently awaken you and give you ample time to "come back to earth" as you will feel deeply relaxed. Our Womenfolk Beauty Reiki practitioners will sit with you for 10-15 minutes after your Reiki healing to discuss what came up during your session as well as provide you any follow up care needed.

Everyone can benefit from Reiki healing, no matter what they may be experiencing in life. We recommend booking a 60 minute Reiki Healing session for your first time. Usually 30 minute sessions are adequate after that, but it's really an ongoing and individual process! We also recommend 3 consecutive Reiki healing sessions for the most benefit. We can't wait to guide you on your healing journey!

Energy Healing at Womenfolk Beauty in Denver