Facial Reflexology at Womenfolk Beauty

Facial reflexology has opened up a whole new approach to healing for Womenfolk Beauty guests. Trained in the Multi-Reflexology and Chan'beauté methods, we are eager for you to try our newest service: The Chan'beauté Facial.

We believe that adding this to our menu was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of esthetic work to relieve pain and to help re-balance energy flow within the body. Chan’beauté uses zones of the face to target systems and organs of the body. This new approach allows us to regulate and balance the body, with visible results. During your treatment we are making connections between internal and external, the esthetic and the therapeutic.

During your treatment, intentional products are used in a minimalistic manner. It is recommended that Chan’beauté treatments are performed on clean, dry skin. Multireflex tools are used to increase circulation and remove fluid retention and impurities from your face. After one treatment you will notice diminished appearance of fine lines, even toned, glowing skin, and smaller pores. Even deeper work can be done to correct hormone imbalance, organ or body system imbalances, scarring and hyper-pigmentation. We can’t wait for you to experience this transformational healing modality. Mention this post when booking and receive $5 off your facial reflexology service!

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