Full Moon in Capricorn

In this time of the moon cycle release is needed. Go out and do a releasing ritual and clear up mental and emotional space.

Here are words from Mystic Mama on the themes of this full moon.

‘We have in every new moment of the present, the ability to shift what has been and create a new action with new ripples. We are being asked to embody our responsibility as human Beings and meet whatever is rising.

Not with old fangled reactionary impulses, but with an open presence that can intersect the past with new understanding.

Elder medicine teaches us that cultivation of wisdom is born out of accountability of our actions and a compassionate understanding of their effects on others.

We gain in wisdom every time we step through that threshold. We mature and our roots grow deeper each time we consider the effects.’

Link to full report here: http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-in-capricorn-june-27th-28th-2018/

image by  mysticmamma.com